Energy Performance certificates give an A to G rating of the buildings predicted performance against pre set operating patterns.

EPC’s are produced by accredited energy assessors, such as HIBEC Ltd, using standard methods and assumptions about energy usage. This means that the energy efficiency of one building can easily be compared with another building of the same type. This allows prospective buyers, tenants, owners, occupiers and purchasers to see information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions from their building so they can consider energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment.

As it is the building’s performance only and not how the occupants use the building the EPC is often referred to as the ‘asset rating’.

HIBEC Ltd can provide EPC’s for the following:

  • Level 2 EPC’s On Construction New Dwellings
  • Level 3 Simple Non Domestic Buildings with simple services
  • Level 4 Non Domestic Buildings ‘on construction’ and existing buildings with complex building services
  • Level 5 Complex Non Domestic Buildings with Glass Atria and on demand ventilation, modelled using Dynamic Simulation software

HIBEC Ltd can also undertake the Air Conditioning inspection also required by the EU Energy Performance Directive, saving duplication of surveys.


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