HIBEC Ltd undertake Part L1A SAP calculations on all types of new dwelling.

We will also issue the Predicted Energy Performance Certificate (referred to as the PEA in the regulations) which is used for marketing the unfinished dwellings, free of charge.

On completion of the dwelling the initial ‘as designed’ SAP calculations are converted up to ‘as built’ SAPs for final Building Control sign off.

We do not charge for upgrading the ‘as designed’ to the ‘as built’ SAP provided the building layout  is unchanged – all we will need is confirmation of the buildings construction and the plant installed, the result of the Air Permeability Test (which we can also do for you) and the address.

We will also issue the dwellings “on construction” Energy Performance Certificate if required.

We can assist in calculating construction U values, thermal bridging and thermal mass, to ensure that you get the best SAP result possible.

A few pounds spent on calculating the actual U value or thermal bridges will improve the SAP result, reducing dependency on renewables, saving money on that and all subsequent projects without even changing the construction.

We offer a fully co-ordinated service, including energy statements for  planning approval or a Code for Sustainable Homes requirement.

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