U values are used to calculate the overall conductivity of a thermal element made of several different materials.

For example, insulation is often added to a wall in layers between battens, under a vapour barrier and plasterboard. Each of these materials have their own characteristics and working together they act to insulate the wall – the U value calculates each of these different materials and gives an overall value for the wall.

HIBEC Ltd are qualified to undertake thermal transmittance (‘U Value w/m2k) calculations.

We often see specifications that state ‘U value to minimum building regulations ’when often the actual U value of the element is far better than the minimum standard.

Consequently by using the actual U value in the SAP/SBEM will improve the result, reduce dependency on renewables to meet the Target Emission Rate saving money on that and all subsequent projects without even having to change the construction.

Let us undertake full U value calculations when we do your SAP/SBEMs and see how HIBEC will save you time, energy and money.


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